DEEP ANALYTICS introduces Deep Solution.

Deep Solution (DS) is a system for finding information on the web, searching
and monitoring social networks, news sites and blogs, and organizing it for
comfortable and efficient viewing.

DS has been developed with one clear aim to allow its customers handle the enormous amounts of information. DS Suite is flexible and adaptable to the specific needs of each client. An evolving module system provides high-end solutions that deliver greater productivity and precision while maintaining ease of use. DS utilizes advanced solutions to extend the reach of search and analysis to social networks, making DS the first complete tool for web and social analysis and visualization.

DS Suite is an essential tool for companies that make use of the power of the web, such as digital advertising agencies, PR departments, authentication and payment assurance services, banking and insurance Compliance departments and news and research institutions.

Market feedback

These days, it's all about the consumer. Getting feedback from users of your product goes well beyond reading comments on your company's FB page. A lot of the feedback circles in websites, forums, newsgroups and social interactions. DS is the perfect tool to get all the information you need without spending hundreds of hours looking for it. DS finds what you need - everywhere. Just enter a topic (like the name of your product), and DS will crawl the web for you, gathering all of the data you require, sorting and presenting it for immediate use. Since new feedback is generated constantly, our automatic event tracking will update your search and compare the changes.

PR & Brand Engagement

Creating a meaningful brand requires a great deal of investment in developing relationships with consumers. When a brand expands, the amount of chatter grows exponentially, making it hard to follow and to evaluate the buzz. DS tracks, filters and monitors all that is being said on your brand. DS recognizes who are the influencers and visualizes the connections between people, groups and websites that care about the brand, helping you to decide where to concentrate your brand engagement efforts.

Academics & journalism

Finding what's relevant for you: Every research requires sorting through numerous amounts of previous researches in the field, many of which has little to no value in a specific context. DS provides a way to stop searching and start finding what you are looking for. With DS the researcher only needs to enter a topic and let the magic happen. Filtering becomes as easy as tagging a bookmark or a hashtag. DS remembers your preferences and filters irrelevant items. Follow your mentors: With the amount of research being published each day and on different platforms, it's hard to stay up-to-date. DS lets you follow your favorite scholars, never missing an article, a paper or even a comment they make on tweeter or Facebook.

Business Intelligence & compliance

Compliance departments and business intelligence agencies struggle to find verifiable and trustworthy information. DS simplifies this process by retrieving information from both the web and social platforms, and presenting the information in quantifiable measurements for the use of compliance officers. DS identifies and shows the connections between entities, creating a clear information for the decision makers.